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Netflix, Neon, Disney + but have you heard of a coffee mug subscription?? 

Each month you will Recieve a new mug delivered directly to your door, no 2 Mug's will be the same! 

You will receive an invoice each month on the same date. Just click the link, pay the subscription fee(Includes Afterpay) and a new mug and some edible goodies will be on there way pronto.

Each Subscription box includes a mug from our wide range, Coffee sachets a chocolate bar and some extra treats.

Can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack, However it is recommended to hand wash to keep mug looking great. Microwave Safe

Please note your mug may have swear words, if you would not like R18 mugs in your order please send us an email

* To cancel subscription just send us an emailI


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