About Us

Hi all, My name is Fleur and I am 31 years old.
I have a 3yo daughter named Piper & a 8yo son Cohan, we live rurally on 3 Acres in Auckland with my Husband and our Fur babies.
I have had the pleasure of talking to so many amazing people while placing orders and answering queries, that I thought I had better introduce myself.
I left my Job of 5 years to pursue my creative flair & be around with my young family while having the flexibility we needed,and what a leap of faith it was. I started up in October 2019 and In that time have made a variety of different things and met so many amazing people in such a short amount of time, the amount of support and love I am surrounded by is overwhelming .
So if you have any questions sing out for a chat and I look forward to meeting more of you in future.
P.s I am a one man band and make/package everything on my own.
Mum by day-Ninja Superhero by night.
Stay safe xx